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Glaze finishes

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lustre Raku Thrown Pot 0174


Raku is a firing technique - fast firing, rapid cooling. Lustre refers to the glaze used and the finished texture. Thrown just means that it has been thrown on a traditional pottery wheel, with some turning to make the final shape until I'm happy with the form.

One of the reasons I like lustre glaze is because of the contrast between the matt body and the glowing iridescence the glaze reveals. The way the light and glaze reacts produces such a spectrum of colours it'll take your breath away.

Approx Size: 6x9in 16x22cm
Price: £90 (including VAT & delivery)

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Melania said...

Hi, stopping in via Mark.

Your work is very beautiful.

Mansour Eskandary said...

Thanks Melania I'm glad you like it. I've just invited you as a friend and I've followed your blog :)