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Friday, October 2, 2009

Copper Matt Raku Thrown Pot 0179


Raku is a technique for firing ceramics - rapid heating to usually around 1100°C 2000°F, then with rapid cooling, sometimes using water.

Copper Matt is so called because of the high proportion of copper oxide present in the glaze. A master of the technique aims to reduce it all to copper, and then to re-oxidise it just enough for the wonderful hues of this style to take and be frozen into the pot.

When throwing a pot destined for the copper-matt treatment, I always take into account how thin the walls are because the colours depend upon the rate of cooling—and the thickness changes that rate.

You could say, I pot through thick and thin!

Approx Size: 4x6in 10x15cm
Price: £45 (including VAT & delivery)

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thought fifteen said...

this is my favorite...exquisite!

Mansour Eskandary said...

glad u like it - tanx 4 ur comment