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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Copper Matt Raku Thrown Pot 0189

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Getting the copper matt effect you want in Raku is all about glaze manipulation and timing.
How bright the colours you get depends on:

  • the thickness of glaze and how you apply it
  • temperature and duration of firing
Post Firing
  • temperature at which you start reduction
  • timing before and during oxidisation
  • rate at which the final cooling takes place
Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work to begin with, it's something you have to keep trying - and so much depends on the recent offerings you've made to the kiln gods!

Approx Size: 6x8in 16x20cm
Price: £75 (including VAT & delivery)

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thought fifteen said...

the color appears to come from inside of the bowl.

imac said...

What wonderful colours and designs, also fantastic work Mans.
Mark H-Ridley sent me across to see your wonderful site.

Mary said...

Hi, Mark sent me over to visit you. What beautiful work! Best of luck with your new website. :)

Anonymous said...

Mark gave me your link and I'm so glad he did. I am full of amazement that something this beautiful was born through fire.
And you made me smile 'and so much depends on the recent offerings you've made to the kiln gods!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely wonderful!
I love the colours and the design.
Thank you so much for your great work.
P.S. Mark gave me your link and I'm so happy he did.

Mansour Eskandary said...

I m glad and very pleased you gays like it.

Highton-Ridley said...

I'm sure he meant "guys", lol! said...

Beautiful work I love how luminescent the colours are in this piece, truely beautiful.