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Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Temperature Porcelain Stretch Pot 0178


Porcelain is a clay which needs to be fired at a high temperature, 1260°C (2300°F) or higher. Very importantly (with a few exceptions) special high temperature glazes need to be used. Porcelain is inherently strong, even stronger than glass, which it is closely related to. During firing the porcelain clay fuses together in the same way that glass does in its making.

The reason that porcelain is so sought after is the quality of translucency you get from a very thin body and the strength of porcelain means it can be very thin indeed.

Approx Size: 7x7in 18x18cm
Price: £120 (including VAT & delivery)

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1 comment:

Danangib said...

Very beautiful pots. I'm an engineer and I'm specialized in porcelain, so the white porcelain pot is my fav. Thanks for sharing, very interesting blog and information.