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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lustre Raku Stretch Pot 0185

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One of the reasons I like this particular pot is that for its large size and extremely thin walls - it's in one piece!

The survival rate through the whole process for Raku pots of this size and thickness is low - when potters first start trying the Raku process, a breakage rate of 50, 60, 70% isn't unusual, more for larger works.

If you follow some rules you can increase your success, with a good rate being around 20% breakage. Even 20% breaks my heart but I can accept.
  • Uniformity of clay - well wedged and kneaded to make sure it has the same consistency throughout
  • Do the bisque (first) firing properly for Raku - it's vital to use a constant heating cycle
  • In the Raku firing, the early stage of the heating cycle must be steady and relatively slow
  • Use gloves, not tongs, to remove the pot from the raku kiln
And finally, be lucky too!

Approx Size: 11x10in 28x25cm
Price: £190 (including VAT & delivery)

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