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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lustre Raku Thrown Pot 0182

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I really like the shape of this one - it's a well balanced pot and aesthetically pleasing. The vertical stripes are unglazed areas showing the body of the pot blackened with carbon during post firing from the combustion material (sawdust).

I love working with ceramics - especially with Raku firing. There are so many opportunities to express my artistic desire; at the throwing / forming stage, the types of glaze and recipe (some secret!!) used, timing of reduction / re-oxidation and weather conditions (humidity / temperature).

Raku results aren't really unpredictable, it's just there's so much possible variation to explore at each step. After a while, it becomes intuitive - more art than science!

Approx Size: 8x8in 18x18cm
Price: £110 (including VAT & delivery)

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